Oak Pugin Bench

Oak Pugin Bench

Furniture Repairs: A neo-gothic bench designed by A W Pugin.

The 19th century saw a gothic revival in Europe and the USA, which was evident in churches and public buildings and Windsor Castle.

This example belonged to Queen Victoria and is now owned by HRH Prince Charles.


Replacing a large carved panel in the front, proved  time consuming, but worth it when viewed on the finished project.

There were one hundred and thirty pieces missing, including patches, mouldings and filling pieces.


Although the bench arrived in one piece, and on this occasion, it was not necessary to dismantle completely, I found that in order to close the gaps the panels had to be freed, pushed tighter together and apply filler pieces.

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“Bench. ATTRIBUTED to A.W.N. Pugin, and made by Morel & Seddon, London. Ca. 1827-1828.

Pollard oak and textiles. 45.5 x 142 x 43 cm.

A set of Gothic-style oak banquettes, with padded seat; carved along the pollard oak panelled frieze with Tudor Roses in relief; on square-in-section legs with Gothic arches between.

This bench is from part of the group of furniture and furnishings supplied between 1827 and 1829 to King George IV (1762-1830) by partnership of Morel & Seddon to Windsor Castle.”


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